Pumpkin Pie, From Scratch!

I am so excited about the pumpkin pie. It turned out great! I made it from the pumpkin I bought The Kid a month ago and blogged about on The Five Dollar Pumpkin. Now the five dollar pumpkin lives on as pie, and I have another quart of it to make pie another day.

The Kid did not think this was so awesome, however. I showed her the quart jar and told her it was from her pumpkin, and she told me that she was saving that pumpkin for Christmas, and I should not have cut it up. Oops. Apparently canning isn’t as cool to everyone as I think it is.

HOWEVER, she was very happy to help me make the pie. I sorta scrapped together several recipes based on what I had in the house and prayed for the best. This recipe is the main one I used. I measured everything out and let her put the ingredients in the bowl and stir it. Here is what we used:

  • One quart of pumpkin, drained
  • One stick of butter, melted
  • One cup of milk
  • One cup of sugar
  • Two “good shakes” of cinnamon
  • Two “good shakes” of pumpkin pie spice
  • Four eggs. Some of the recipes said you could just use whites, but weeee used the whole egg. Can’t waste the chickens’ hard work.

wpid-wp-1416768165042.jpegWe stirred it really well and then poured it into the pie crusts. The pie crusts, sadly, were store bought. Maybe next time I will venture to make a homemade one. I baked the pie at 425 for fifteen minutes, and then another “45-60” minutes, but mine took the full sixty. It turned out so good and yummy.


The Kid was so pleased with her pie, that she has decided we need to make one each weekend, and our next once should be strawberry pie, then blueberry. Considering pies freeze pretty well, I may be up for it. Especially when I have such an adorable sous chef.


Happy homesteading!


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