An Idea for Jar Lids

Sometime between last night and this morning, we hit twenty followers! Yay! Thank you all so much! I hope everyone who is reading enjoys my posts and ramblings. 🙂 “Living off the land,” as we call it within our family, has become a big and important part of my life. I am happy to share it with you all.

Dad got another deer! We are hoping he can use all of his tags this year, and then we will have plenty of meat for the year. The only meat I want to buy at the store this year is some pork shoulder when it is 99 cents a lb, and a couple turkeys at Thanksgiving. The chicken we raise, the deer we hunt, and the fish we catch should be the rest of it. This most recent deer is going off to the processors to be made into burger and sausage. The next one I will can, since freezer space is again a premium.

My turkey is still cooling its jets in the fridge. I checked it today, and it is solid as a rock still. That is good, because I want to deal with it on Tuesday. At this rate, it will be perfect then. I am going to can the whole thing. Canned turkey makes SUCH good sandwiches. In fact, I had one for dinner on toasted bread, with pepperonchini pickles on the side, chips, and pumpkin pie for dessert. I have SUCH a happy belly at the moment.

I love to do projects, and whenever I can think of something easy and cheap for me and The Kid to do, we do it. Craft kits can get pricey, so I pick them up after the holiday season and put them up for the next year. I have been wanting to paint used canning lids to make ornaments for a while, so we did that today. Canning lids, as you probably know, can’t be reused, so these are essentially trash. I reuse some for dry goods, or the tops of my homemade ramen noodles, but I still have tons of these left over. SO, I got out the acrylic paints we have used for a dozen projects, and we got to painting. Later I will attach ribbon to them and put them on the tree!


Pretty cute ! I think I will add one to each of my little gift baskets I am making this year. I will post when I have finished them. I love homemade things at Christmas.

Well, after a lovely weekend, this Farm Girl is taking a book and headed to bed.

Night y’all,


5 thoughts on “An Idea for Jar Lids

  1. I’m not sure how far out you live, but where I am we can recycle canning lids with the regular recycling since they are similar metal to tin cans. We can also drop them off for scrap metal.

    I had a friend who designed a lamp shade made of them. I should ask if he ever actually built it.

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