Saturday Night Rambling

Saturday night! I suppose some people are out living it up, but I am enjoying a cozy blanket and my Christmas tree! The Kid and I put it up today, which means I put it up, she hung about five ornaments, lost interest, and I finished 🙂 Mister went out and got my decorations and stuff, but he left a box behind, so I went and got that one, and Gypsy tried to help.

wpid-wp-1416702676579.jpegI felt like superwoman to get the tree up because the darn thing is in three huge pieces and it is heavy, but Kid wanted to decorate the tree, so I wanted to make that happen. ❤  I buy new ornaments each year, and it is always fun to see what I bought to represent special occasions, such as my first house, or a new pet, or a trip, or the ones that have been given to me over the years.

wpid-wp-1416702734718.jpegTaDah! The tree looks great!

This morning the deer in the crockpot still had a lot of the connective tissue, so we added more water and left it on low all day In the afternoon I used a fork and spoon to pull all the meat off the bone. I opened a jar of potatoes and a jar of carrots and added it to the crockpot with the cream of mushroom soup. After a really long time in the crockpot, it finally turned out yummy.

Speaking of yummy, Gypsy and Chance were very happy with their deer bones. So happy that Gypsy drags her bones around with her all day. I called home and asked The Parents to please keep all future ribs and hindquarter bones for the dogs.

I was halfway through this post, thinking how I would e finished early, and go to bed early. Then, The Kid woke up, so I went and lay back down with her, and fell asleep! Two hours later, now I will have to stay u p late to finish everything. Oh well, Despicable Me and Kid snuggles are worth it every time.

Good night all!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Rambling

    • Thank you! ❤
      I have made bone broth! I have made chicken, and turkey, and ham broth and canned it. It IS so good for you, and you can just tell when you eat it that it is healthy. I haven't done deer yet. Perhaps that will be my next project.

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