Hot Friday Night: Canning Deer

I looked forward to canning my deer all day. I had everything ready, and knew it wouldn’t take too long! However, when I picked up the canner from the farm, it was not what I expected


Usually I get the deer already off the bone. This time, Dad just hacked the pieces apart and put them in the canner. There was the two big hindquarter pieces, the two shoulder pieces, the tenderloin, the sweet meat, the ribs and the neck roast. We don’t usually do anything with the neck roast or the ribs. I felt like it was a canner of carnage. Ha!

Well, I got out my knife and got to chopping. it wasn’t pretty, but it turned out pretty good:

13 pints of deer

The neck roast went into the crockpot with cream of mushroom soup. Tomorrow I will open some carrots and roast them with some potatoes for a very yummy dinner.

The shoulder pieces went into a second crockpot with some jerk seasoning. Tomorrow I will shred it from the bone and can it. Or put in the fridge for sandwiches.

The tenderloin I divided into four portions, sliced, and then double-bagged for freezer meals. The tl is the best piece of meat on the deer, and should not be canned. Cook it like steak. YUM

The sweet meat, the most tender piece of the deer, I had for supper. All that chopping made me hungry.

The ribs and the hindquarter bones I put in a big bowl. The dogs will get them tomorrow, and be super happy with them. They are uncooked , big, raw bones, with quite a bit of meat on them.

Nothing wasted. 🙂


We have always eaten what Dad hunted. I eat way more deer than beef. But since I have started canning, we have started noticing more about the meat. Here is one thing: the meat is very different when Dad still hunts as opposed to when the deer was run by dogs. A chased deer, the meat is a lot more red and bloody because the deer was running and stressed. The deer that was killed while still hunting was just walking or eating…and then he wasn’t. The meat was much less bloody.

Every so often I see a post or read a comment on social media bout how horrible hunting is. But let’s think about it. This deer was born outside, played in the grass, lay in the sunshine. It ate grass and slept under the stars. Then one day, it wasn’t. Death was quick, and the deer went to feed a family for months. Lean meat that ate a natural diet, free of hormones.

Then let’s think about the grocery store steak. It came from a cow, not a magic steak plant. That cow probably came from a factory farm. Due to the size of cows, most factory farms still raise cows outside for at least part of their lives. However, beef cows are slaughtered at an age of one to three years, and during the last months of its life, lives in feed lots with many many cows in unpleasant conditions.

I will take the deer, thanks. Better in my freezer and in my jars than on the side of the road.

Happy homesteading!


2 thoughts on “Hot Friday Night: Canning Deer

  1. Hi there! Crossing my fingers my husband gets a deer this year. I have never tried canning venision. Something to think about. I have been looking for good venision recipes. Will keep following to read more.

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