TGIT, Because Friday’s Coming

I really like Thursday evenings, partially because it is when the good tv comes on, and partially because it is the night before the weekend. A whole weekend to look forward to. ❤


We put the big horses up, or tried to, but Joe stayed out. Poor Cowboy was beside himself wondering where his buddy was.


You knew he was upset bc he called for Joe. The little horses never shut up, but the big horses are very quiet. Tucker tried to console his buddy.


Mom finally convinced Joe to come up, so they are now hanging out in the barn together, snug and cozy. The littles were happy to get in their barn, as always. I love tucking them in at night, knowing they are safe.

DAD GOT A DEER TODAY! I am so excited  The first one went to the processor to become burger, but this one is going in jars. This saves money for the processor, and it also saves space in the freezer. I cleaned the kitchen tonight and got my jars ready. I also picked up a turkey at the grocery store. Food Lion had them for 67 cents a pound, so there is currently an 18.5 lb turkey thawing in the fridge. Lots of foods ot put up this weekend.

The Kid asked to make a pumpkin pie this weekend too because they were talking about them at school and she has never had one. I have a quart of pumpkin I canned from The Five Dollar Pumpkin, so I got some crusts at the store. And a frozen pie in case I ruin this one. 🙂 Gotta make sure my baby gets to taste pumpkin pie that’s fitting to eat.

Glad tomorrow is Friday, and that next week is a short week, and how pretty the farm is during the fall.

wpid-wp-1416533895825.jpeg wpid-wp-1416533888705.jpeg  wpid-wp-1416533855415.jpegwpid-wp-1416533842564.jpeg

Happy weekend, and happy homesteading!


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