Saturday Productivity

Been super busy the last couple days. Yesterday I went out to the farm and took Tucker Man out for a walk. I was really proud of him; not only did he jump up onto the wooden porch with no hesitation, but he also walked on the concrete pad and the stone patio, and in a tight space with me. We are working on trust. I want to do obstacles with him. He is very smart, but I can tell he wants to see what he can get away with, and I want to teach him that the answer is…nothing.

I put him up and got the girls, and then just sat in the doorway of the porch. When they were done eating they came over and were practically in my lap, getting pets and smooches. They are SO good. They never even nip my shoes anymore.

I was going to put up greens last night but I was so tired. I worked online for a while, caught up on my DVR and went to bed. I finished them this morning and I have learned now how now to can greens apparently, because these looked great!

wpid-wp-1416085754148.jpegI ended up with six quarts total. Three each of collards and mustards.

I also cooked  turkey today. We are going to have a Thanksgiving meal next week, and I don’t think I will have room and time to cook the whole turkey then, so I will just open a jar of it, and make some gravy. I rubbed the turkey all over with some rosemary from our garden. The turkey smelled sooooo good.

wpid-wp-1416085724795.jpegI cleaned a lot of the house today while I was waiting for my turkey to cook. I organized the jars some to put away my new ones. They always look so pretty on the shelf. These aren’t even half of them, but they look the nicest.

wpid-wp-1416085689372.jpegI had some more mustard greens that I put in the dehydrator and I like how they turned out. I will add them to soups and pastas for extra vitamins. If you are short on jars, save and wash any pickle or sauce jars. They are great for dried food. This was a Ragu jar.


I also went ahead and fixed five of the homemade ramen noodles in a jar for lunch.


I also pulled out applesauces and chilis and put them a square 31 tote. Now I have a quick grab and go bin for lunches. What could be easier?


Once the turkey was done, I let it cool for a while, then pulled the meat off ad stuffed into jars. I added some of the water I had used for the turkey to the jar, and sealed it. Then I added the turkey carcass to a pot of water and let it cook down for about three hours. I processed the turkey in the pressure canner for 90 minutes at 10 lbs of pressure. I also had the last jar of greens, and since I had room in the canner, I did the last of the dried chickpeas I had for hummus.

wpid-wp-1416112610700.jpegThe turkey stock turned out beautiful., but two of the jars didn’t seal. That is okay; it just means I will be making soup tomorrow!~

wpid-wp-1416112604611.jpegI did a lot of laundry and cleaning and organized today, Including cleaning my dehydrator. I put the  trays in the dishwasher, and the darn thing looks like new.


So, that was most of my day. After I got the house clean, Kitten and I snuggled up to grade some papers. Looking forward to church in the morning. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Happy Homesteading!


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