Operation Deep Thaw: Cooking from the Freezer

Today was a food day: I had things to cook and can, and things to thaw and cook.

There were four packs of deer burger in the bag Mom gave me from Operation Deep Thaw. I put three in the electric frying pan and cooked them, using the spatula to break them up. When it was cooked, I put it in the crockpot, along with a quart of tomato sauce, three cans of kidney beans, a sandwich freezer bag of diced peppers, a sandwich freezer bag of green onions, and then some jar remnants: half a pint of salsa, a few jalapeno rings, a half pint of pepper relish.

wpid-wp-1415836495766.jpegI let it set in the crockpot for a couple hours. I emptied the dishwasher, washed the counters, did some laundry. I had another pack of burger, since I made into patties and made deer hamburgers for Mister to eat the next couple days. I had one on a bun with tomato jam, and garlic sweet potatoes for dinner.

wpid-wp-1415836501708.jpegIt was quite yummy. I also cooked “a mess” of zucchini and squash in the electric frying pan until most of the water was cooked out of it. I am taking some for my lunch at work tomorrow, and we will have some for the next few days.

wpid-wp-1415836506287.jpegBy the time I had finished all of those things, the chili was pretty good and mingled. I got out my pint jars and ladled the chili into jars.

wpid-wp-1415846541114.jpegIt is very important when canning something like this to wipe the rim to get rid of any food or grease on the rim. My crockpot of chili made nine of these, and into the canner they went. I canned them at 10 pounds of pressure for 75 minutes, and then turned off the heat. I’m about to go take them out of the canner in a minute! 🙂

After I finished all THOSE chores, I came to my trusty laptop and finished some online grading. 🙂

I stopped by the store today. I used to stop in the store and uy tons of things and spend a lot of money. Now I buy very little. Today, shredded cheese was on sale, so I bought a few packs of that, some sourdough bread, hamburger buns, olive oil, cooking spray, and a big fat turkey, and some cans of beans. That was pretty much all I need for this week and next week, at least. Thirty dollars; the turkey was on sale. My grocery store trips have become a lot simpler.

I am excited about the turkey. It was only eight dollars, and it is rather large. I am going to cook it this weekend, and then can it. In fact, at that price I may buy a second one. This weekend I am going to be cleaning the house, hopefully decorating the tree, and canning a turkey. Good times!

So very tired, so this Farm Girl is gong to bed.

Happy homesteading!


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