Tuesday Randomness

The Ramen Experiment

Well, I am sure you are all just dying to know about the ramen experiment. The result is that I really liked today’s installment. It did taste very similar to commercial ramen, though not exactly the same. Still, ramen noodles are so bad for you (check out this article and this one), and this was quite tasty, and only a little more expensive, so I call it a good trade. I will calculate the nutrition information for you in tomorrow’s post. Overall, though I am very pleased with the experiment and discovery, since now I can make quite a few lunches in minutes, and the cost is only 50 cents a lunch.

Food Preservation

So, one of the deep freezers at the farm kicked the bucket today, and sadly it was the biggest one. I got the news at work via email, and I was envisioning canning up a LOT of food tonight, but the Parents called around and my grandmother had room in hers, so we are borrowing space in her freezer for the time being. Two bags of zucchini and four packs of deer burger didn’t make the cut, however, so I took those home. Tomorrow I’m going to make deer chili and can it, so stay tuned for that recipe and instructions. 🙂 I am trying to eat things out of my freezer as well, partially because it needs to be eaten, and partially because we need the space when Dad gets another deer. I may have to can one. We wanted to have four ground up and processed into burger or sausage before I canned any, but we will have to see what room is available.

I took out a few bags of diced peppers I froze over the summer for the chili tomorrow, too. I am excited to have chili canned to mix up lunches: healthy ramen some days, chili others.


Farm News and Notes

Tucker man has not wanted me to brush him lately. Today he walked away from me while I was brushing out his mane, so I haltered him and took him out of his stall and onto the wooden porch. I held his halter with one hand and brushed him thoroughly with the other, and he was a good boy this time. We went for a walk afterwards and he did great. He can be the very best, most obedient horse, and then he can be a sullen pouty brat. When he is impatient, he rubs his head against me, which I  found adorable, but I learned during the Colt Challenge that is a sign of dominance, so I do not let him do it anymore. I am Boss Hoss round these parts.


When I put Tucker back, Holly made a break for it, and started eating hay in the yard. Mom bribed her to come to the barn with the magical red scoop, but she just ignored it. After I put Tucker up, I grabbed a halter and Holly let me walk up to her and halter her. I felt like the Horse Whisperer today! 🙂

Some of our younger pullets have been looking a little puny in the run, so we turned them out to free range during the day. They were VERY happy scratching and eating bugs today. The tetra tints have been laying steadily, and one laid a double yolk egg, so they’ve done a great job in their first month of laying.

I collected the eggs for the egg business tomorrow, and put them in one of my thirty one totes. By the way, the picnic thermal will easily hold four dozen eggs. For dinner tonight, I made mashed turnips with butter and garlic powder, squash with green onions, and deer steak. From the store? The butter and garlic powder. 🙂

I am taking it easy tonight. Tomorrow will be a busy day of work and canning.

Happy homesteading!


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