Sunday Evening Meal Prep

It’s Sunday night, and that is the end of the weekend for me, sadly. When I am on my game, that also means meal prep for the week, at least for a few days. Mondays I teach a night class, and I am too tired to think about packing lunches when I get home.

I am better at this some weeks than others. Some weeks I plan ahead and eat good, healthy food all week. Some weeks I find myself pulling into Bojangles because I had nothing planned for breakfast.

This week appears to be a better week because I remembered to plan. I took ten eggs from our chickens and boiled them for hard boiled eggs. I will take two each day for my breakfast; I’ll just eat them at work when I get there. Good protein source from the farm.


Thanks for the breakfast, chickens!

No Bojangles for me this week! Now, lunches. Often I plan out my dinners so there is enough for me to take to work the next day, but I like to have some grab and go foods in case I eat at mom’s or if I make a smaller amount of dinner, etc. I usually have pints of home-canned chili for just such an occasion, but I have run out of that, and soup, and I haven’t had a chance to restoc them. Once we have a couple of deer ground up and in the freezer, I will use some of the burger and sausage to make chili and some stuffed cabbage soup and to restock my kind of convenience food.

In the meantime…a friend posted this article on Facebook about making homemade Top Ramen noodles, and adding dehydrated veggies for both flavor and nutrition. I happen to have tons of dehydrated veggies, and I had some whole grain noodles. Her instructions called for chow mein noodles, but I had these in the house, and I almost never use spaghetti noodles, so I decided to try it. I got out a host of dehydrated veggies ready to assemble a week of homemade ramen.


Ramen assembly line ready for business!

However, after I did one, I decided I had better see how it turns out before I go through the trouble of making four more. I don’t have bouillon in the house because I can all my own stock for soup, and though I *could* dehydrate some stock to make bouillon, that would take some time and lunch is in 15 hours. 🙂  So, I used my whole grain noodles, and some of the veggies (green peppers, tomatoes) and some spices (basil) and we will see how it turns out. I can run by the store and get some sodium free bouillon and chow mein noodles if this is close but not quite right, or I can keep going with these ingredients if it is yummy. I will have to share the results of my experiment. I am hoping this turns out well because Mister loves ramen noodles, and I know the real deal isn’t good for him. Plus, I like the idea of changing up the dried veggies for different flavor combinations.


Experiment One

Tomorrow when I get home I will probably just eat something quick, maybe scrambled eggs, but Tuesday I will have more time to make a good dinner. So, I opened up the crammed freezer and took out some deer tenderloin, blanched squash, green peppers, green onions, and corn on the cob and put it all in a mixing bowl. It will be thawed by Tuesday night. I think I will fix a “mess of squash” in the electric frying pan with the green onions and peppers, and save a few onions for the deer. I will make some mashed turnips or some roasted potatoes by opening a jar. Should be a good dinner. 🙂

The best part is that the only thing that came from a store is the noodles. I am hoping by the new year that I get even better with my food prep and that most of the meals we have come from the farm, hunting, fishing, and foraging. I could make my own bread and noodles, but until the day I do not have a job outside the home (which will probably be never) I just don’t have the time. I will still purchase dairy and grain products from the store.

Meal prep and menu planning is a great way for anyone to cut down on food spending and food waste. Then, we don’t buy things we don’t need, and we can use what we have. Even doing so much food preservation, I need to plan more and keep a better inventory. That can help us plan the garden and what we will grow and preserve next year.

I have my own monthly menu board I will have to post and share directions on how to make, but it is later, and now that my chores are done, I am going to go read for the last previous moments of the weekend. I hope you had a wonderful one!

Happy homesteading!


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