One Potato, Two Potato

Today was not filled with homesteading goodness, but it was still a good day. We took The Kid and her cousins to get Christmas pictures made, and then to the local megabounce. In light of a lack of farm tales, I’m going to write about canning potatoes, which I did over the summer. But first, look at how cute The Kid is:

wpid-wp-1415498795995.jpegSo. back to canning potatoes. People often ask my why I canned potatoes, when they would keep for such a long time. And they will, but they won’t last as long as they will in a jar. And when I preserve food in a jar, I’m also preserving prep time. Later, I won’t have to scrub or cut those potatoes, nor will they need to be cooked for so long.

We planted about 30 pounds of seed potatoes, and dug up about 200 pounds of potatoes between the Yukon gold and the red. Many of them were put under the house, and we enjoyed lots of fresh potatoes all summer, and about 100 pounds of them, I canned.

Happily, I had help for this project; I canned them at the farm. Dad dug up the potatoes and sprayed them off, mom scrubbed them, and then I cut them into cubes and stuffed them into jars. I added some salt to each jar, wiped the rim, and put them in the pressure canner. I don’t really peel things if at all possible. When we scrubbed the potatoes, a lot of the peeling just flaked away. The rest I left on.

20140629_20532720140629_205323 - Copy

In the past, I have boiled the potatoes for a few minutes to get some of the starch out, but this time I had so many to do, I didn’t worry about it, and they turned out just as good.

They go in the pressure canner for forty minutes. This was the maiden voyage for this particular pressure canner, so I took a picture of the inside. To keep it looking nice, add a little vinegar to the water each time.

20140629_201613 - Copy

I love to use canned potatoes for roasted potatoes. I just open, drain, and dump in the pan with onion and garlic seasoning. I sprinkle a little olive oil over the potatoes, and they do not need to bake long since they are already cooked.

I also sauté them in the pan for breakfast potatoes, and canned potatoes are great in soup. I like them in anything but mashed potatoes. The texture was a little off.

20140630_100359 20140630_100403 20140630_110740   20140630_100416

The little round ones I canned together. They are SO good. We ended up with 70 quarts of potatoes, plus all the ones that are under the house. A few more than one potato, two potato, three potato, four!

Happy homesteading!


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