Ramblings on a Friday Night

I had wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but the cup just runneth over tooo much. So I decided I would just make a rule that I had to write something every day, either an article pitch, or an actual article, or a blog post. Today, it is going to be a blog post, because it is late, and I am very tired.

I do not have anything homesteading-related, not really. After work, I went to dinner and a movie with a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed Gone Girl. It’s a great movie.

Things on my mind today: I wish God was linked into social media. It would be so wonderful if I had a burning bush to just tell me what to do. I detest debating over decisions. I think if I KNEW what God wanted me to do, that would take care of any wavering on my part. At church on Sunday, our pastor said it doesn’t matter what you do, but who you do it for. I will be praying about the decision that is on my mind. I just always second guess myself. What if that isn’t really what God wants me to do, but what I want to do and I’m just projecting? Ugh. Things to think about, to pray about.

My other thought… is to be who you say you are. I know none of us is perfect, and I don’t mind that so much. However, when someone preaches one thing SO loudly, and then turns around and lives another way, that is just annoying. The Bible says, let your yes be yes, and your no be no. This is good advice. No one likes duplicity.

My full time gig is a high school teacher, and I am always very aware of the fact that I have seventy-six teenagers watching me every day. I want them to have good things to emulate. And I don’t want them to see someone who doesn’t hold herself to the same standards she holds them to.  Not always easy, but I sleep better at night.

And with that, I am going to bed. I am one tired farm girl.


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