It’s a Full Time Gig

I have a problem, y’all. I am addicted to food preservation. I have PLENTY to do after I get off work, including working on my online adjunct classes, work for my MBA, and cleaning my house. So, of course the only logical thing to do when I got home today was to walk over to the pear tree to see if the pears were ripe. That really helps with my to do list.

Food preservation could easily be a full-time gig when it is done on a large scale, i.e. for a large family, for most or all of the food for the year. Even with Dad working the garden on his days off, Mom putting food up during the day, and my freezing, drying, and canning on evenings and weekends, there is more to be done. We could be foraging for more nuts. There are still some peppers in the garden that the frost hasn’t gotten. If I had had more time, space, and jars, I would have put up more pumpkins and dried more seeds for snacks. There are tons of greens available to be picked, frozen, dried. I am not sure we will be able to get to all of those before winter really sets in. I still have some sweet potatoes to manage. This week, Dad killed a deer and a turkey. The turkey Mom cooked, and froze some, the deer went to the processor to be ground up, but that could have been our job as well. If I had had time, I would have made and canned turkey broth. Hunting would require more work, preparation, etc. There is always plenty to do on the homestead, two hundred years ago, and today as well.

So. My pears. I didn’t need another thing on my to do list, but I was afraid if I waited any longer they would be overly ripe or in a deer’s stomach. The saddest part is that these aren’t even particularly good pears. They are round, and very firm. I’ve used them before to make pear sauce and pear butter and pear pickles, but they take some work.


Sadly, or maybe luckily, I’m either late or the pears just weren’t that great this year. I just got enough to fill a mixing bowl. That’s not really enough to bother making pear sauce or butter, so instead I am drying them like apple chips. We will see how they turn out. In the meantime, my house smells of pears.


In other accomplishments, I managed to write my last paper for my penultimate class for the MBA. I will be so glad to have that done, and have more time for canning, drying, playing with the horses, and blogging (the important things in life!).

Dinner was good, and since I used some of the jars, I will tell you about it. A while back, I had bought two small fish filets on sale and popped them in the freezer. Today I took them out, and left them in a bowl of hot water until they thawed. I cooked them in the pan, and then when they were done, used the spatula to cut the fish into small pieces. I added some homemade salsa, a half pint of corn relish, and some jalapeno rings. I also made some Mexican rice, and added some of the salsa to he rice. It was so good: fish tacos and rice. The picture isn’t very pretty, but this was so yummy, and so easy to make.

wpid-wp-1415330746300.jpegSo, that was my day. I’m about to head to bed and dream of jars and  produce.

Happy homesteading!


One thought on “It’s a Full Time Gig

  1. Those pears look like Asian ones – and no, they don’t break down easily. I made some lovely chunky ginger pear jam out of them though.

    Teaching canning classes this fall, I feel like food preservation IS my job and you’re right, it’s never ending. And then I still have to make dinner.

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