Meet the Critters

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all.


All farms need animals. Here are mine. These two charming creatures are the ferrets, Alvin and Frankie (who is a girl) They are a mess and will steal anything. They are very friendly, however, and will give kisses when you pick them up. Ferrets were originally used for hunting: they will chase rabbits into holes and flush out the rabbit for the hunter.


You’ve met the minis, but they are so cute, you can look at them again. Holly, Tucker, and Ivy. They are the farm royalty. Miniature horses can be taught to pull a cart, or do jumps or obstacles. Right now all ours can do is stand still for pets, but we are working on it! I’m planning on setting up an obstacle course for them soon. They will go up a wooden step for me now.

10491280_10102847506031943_2577343502508014580_nwpid-wp-1415243769122.jpegwpid-wp-1415243888065.jpegHere are the big boys. Joe is the quarter horse pinto, and Cowboy is the Paso Fino. In the last one they are hanging out with Tucker. It’s the gelding bachelor club.

20140623_205251This is Kitten. She is possibly the most spoiled animal ever. And she likes to read Mother Earth News. She is an inside kitty. In fact, she is afraid of the outdoors and will meow at you when you go out into the Big Scary World. She is best buds with the ferrets.

wpid-wp-1414983285145.jpeg wpid-wp-1414983294389.jpeg wpid-wp-1413746988127.jpeg wpid-wp-1413746945380.jpeg

Of course, all farms need chickens. we have a mixture of Americauna, Rhode Island reds, Tetra tints, Speckled Sussex, and some combinations of the above. We raised all the chickens you see here from chicks. I REALLY want some Marans, however.



These are my dogs, Gypsy the…something, and Nestle the corgi. Nestle was my only pet for many years. She died in June, but…still in my heart. We also have a German Shepherd, but I cannot find any photos of him at the moment.

So, these are all the critters…at the time of this post, ha. If I ever find myself working at home, I definitely want more. I’d love a little alpine goat or two to milk, and a kunekune pig. Right now my mission is to find some maran chickens; they lay dark chocolate colored eggs. That is happening in the spring, even if I have to order the hatching eggs, and give them to a broody hen. We shall see what spring brings to the farm.

Good night all, from the farm.

Happy homesteading!


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