Of cabbages and kings

Today was a delightful Sunday. Really enjoyed our church service. I love our pastor. He is amazing, and we are so blessed to have him. After church, I decided to treat everyone to KFC, so we picked that up on the way home, and Little Brother came over and we ate lunch with The Parents, just as we did when we were younger.

After lunch, Dad and I rode down to the garden. Even though it is November, the garden is still producing. In fact, it is producing more than we can handle. There are so many greens there. We looked today, and the butter bean plants are blooming again! But the frost will get them before they can do anything.


View of the farm from the garden

We’ve harvested a lot of broccoli, but it has put out more suckers, so we picked a two gallon bucket full. We didn’t have many cabbage, just four heads, but they turned out great. Dutch flathead. We picked all four, and took them back up to the barns.

We pulled off all the outer big leaves for the chickens. They were so happy to get them!


Mom took one head of cabbage to make cole slaw, and I took the other three to can.

The chickens were so cute with their cabbage.


I went to the barn to play with the horses. I got a few snuggles in, but the wind was blowing very hard today, and the horses were too wary of a Beastie to enjoy their kisses as much.



I had things to do back at the house, including some grading and prepping for my night class, so I came on back with my cabbage and a package of deer sausage. I had planned to make stuffed cabbage soup, but ended up just canning the cabbage plain to save time.

Cabbage has a few worms, and I do not like to can worms, so I cut each head in half and put all of them in my water bath canner, which doubles as a great pot, along with some vinegar. It draws the worms out apparently.


Enjoy the vinegar bath, cabbage worms!

I let it soak for a couple hours, and then drained off the water and worms (there were two) and then refilled the pot with fresh water. I put the cabbage on to boil for about ten minutes, then filled my quart jars with cabbage, stuffed tightly, and covered with water. Into the pressure canner for 55 minutes.

Four quarts of cabbage. Yesterday I managed 7 quarts and 5 pints of sweet potatoes, plus a lot of grading. I pronounce it a very successful weekend.



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