The Five Dollar Pumpkin

Our church did a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity by selling pumpkins. There was also a bouncy house for kids, and barbecue. I decided to take The Kid and let her pick out a pumpkin.


The next day, we painted the pumpkin instead of carving it. I was imagining painting a scary face on the pumpkin, but apparently to a five year old, paint the pumpkin means let’s mix EVERY color together and then paint ALL of the pumpkin.

wpid-wp-1414548622579.jpegShe had a lot of fun painting the pumpkin.

Today, I cut open the pumpkin and scooped out all of the seeds, and cut the rind (with all the paint) away from the pumpkin. I cut up some pieces of the pumpkin flesh and put the cubes in quart jars. I filled the jars with water, sealed with lids and rings, and placed them in the canner. There was a LOT more pumpkin, but I am short of jars and didn’t think I would use more than two quarts. Later I will use the quarts to make pumpkin puree, and then pumpkin pie. Ideally, pumpkin pie should be make from pie pumpkins, not jack-o-lanterns, but we are going to try this.


The seeds I washed off and pulled away all of the pumpkin gut pieces. I put a little melted butter on them (very little) and some ranch seasoning, then spread them onto a baking sheet and baked at 300 degrees for 15 minutes.


The pumpkin seeds were amazing, and really worth the five dollars themselves. Yum.

So, that five dollar bill bought a pumpkin. The money supported my church’s fundraiser (we also bought a barbecue plate and cookies from the bake sale. YUM). The Kid had fun painting the pumpkin for a Sunday afternoon activity. Then, it became the ingredients for a future pie, perhaps at Thanksgiving, and a yummy snack.

Money well spent.


3 thoughts on “The Five Dollar Pumpkin

  1. A friend gave me her large, uncarved pumpkins after Halloween last year. Just curious, I cut into them and to my delight, realized there was a good bit of flesh that turned out to have quite a bit of flavor. I made loads of pumpkin butter, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup and so on. I’ve had some lack luster jack o’lantern pumpkins, but those were not lack luster.

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