Putting the jars to work: pasta

Canning is an investment. I put in time here, to save time later. Tonight was a time to put the jars to work and make a yummy dinner with no effort. So I got out a large pot and started some water boiling. As it boiled, I tossed in some of my dried veggies: mushrooms, red peppers, few tomatoes, green peppers, basil. Once the water was boiling, I added some whole grain pasta and boiled it until the noodles were tender. Drained the pasta and veggies, and then added some of the tomato sauce I canned. I used yellow sauce this time. I added a little garlic salt, and tadah: dinner! Mostly from the garden, very cheap, and yummy! So glad I canned eighty quarts of this stuff!

It’s just me chowing down tonight, so I will have leftovers. If Mister was home, I’d add a salad and some garlic bread for a super yummy home cooked meal. šŸ™‚


Happy homesteading!


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