The Day of the Baby Rabbits


My husband sends me a text message. One of the weirder ones we have exchanged, and that is saying something, as once I sent him a threatening text stating “Do NOT eat the lamb in the fridge. it is for research purposes.” But that is neither here nor there.

So he sends me a text message. He says while he was weed eating, he found two tiny baby rabbits up against the house, and he was afraid to leave them there, so they were in a cardbox box in our bathroom, shut away from the cat. AND, I may keep them if I like.

Dangerous words, Mister, as I love animals of all kinds. However, luckily, Mister’s wife grew up as a Farm Girl, and we raised a wild rabbit before. Dad found a nest of pink baby rabbits years ago, brought them home and put them on one of our does. Only one survived to adulthood, and even though we handled our rabbits every day, he was never tame. We ended up setting him free at the local pool, reasoning there were nice woods and few predators there.

Plus, my house is full of rabbit predators: a cat AND two ferrets. So I went home and checked the little rabbits out. They were SO still. I called Dear Dad to make sure they could make it on their own, and on hearing they were fully furred with wide open eyes, he said they would be fine.


So, i took them outside. I tried to tip the box on the side so they could hop out and not have my smell on them, but that appeared to be too abrupt a drop, so I relented and picked them up. They were still so stone still. I set the first one right against the house, where Mister said he found them. I set the first one down, and went to pick up the second, and when I looked down, first one was GONE already. I watched the second one and ZOOM he was under the crepe myrtle. I felt a lot better about their survival rate after seeing how fast they could bunny book it.

I love animals, but the best thing to do with wild animals is to leave them be the vast majority of the time. So cute those!



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