Relish the Flavor: Canning Pepper Relish

Peppers are amazing. They are so very good for you, easy to grow, and prolific. And they will keep growing until the frost gets them. This year we grew a TON of them, and I have been putting up pickled peppers and relish all summer. I’ve dried them, and frozen them, and eaten plenty. I also decided to make some pepper relish.

There are tons of  recipes for pepper relish, and the types of peppers you use will determine the hotness of the relish. Pepper relish is amazing on hot dogs, beans, and lots of other things. I love them on beans. Beans are so cheap and nutritious, and added relish to them makes it a great and flavorful meal

Pepper relish can be canned with a water bath banner, but it is important to follow a recipe to make sure you are including enough acid. Removing the seeds will also take some of the heat out of the pepper.

Use at least some of the peppers as bell peppers. Trust me, all hot peppers will make for a very hot relish. Sweet relish is so good on hot dogs. 🙂

A basic recipe for hot relish:

5 cups hot peppers

5 cups bell peppers

2 cups sugar

1.5 cups onion

2.5 cups vinegar

4 tsp salt


Combine your peppers, onion, and vinegar into the pot. It should be heated until the onions look translucent and the flavors are good and mingled. Fill clean, hot jars with the relish, and transfer to the canner. The jars should be covered in water.

Once the water comes to a full boil, begin timing the process. Relish should be canned for ten minutes for pints. After the ten minutes, you can remove the jars. Place them on a clean towel and wait for the ping.

wpid-wp-1412380738913.jpegI love how this looks in the jar with the different types of peppers. 🙂


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