Sweet Potato Pie

I wasn’t planning on canning any sweet potatoes. We hadn’t grown any, and I hadn’t been to the farmer’s market recently. But then there was a little notice on the bulletin board at work…sweet potatoes…15 dollars a bushel….and that was the end of that.

A bushel of sweet potatoes is a decent sized cardboard box FULL; it weighed about fifty pounds. Luckily, my coworker carried them out to the car for me (yay for boys) and I managed to get them in the house.

To do sweet potatoes, I scrubbed them really well.  I boiled sweet potatoes for about ten to fifteen minutes until the potatoes were tender but not cooked. The skins should slip off pretty easily. Cut the sweet potatoes into chunks and put in the jarswpid-wp-1412558771039.jpeg.

I made a syrup to cover the sweet potatoes, heating water and brown sugar enough to melt the sugar. I poured the syrup into the jars, wiped the rim, and seals with the rings and lids.

PC in the pressure canner 90 minutes for quarts. 24 quarts from my bushel! Plus I picked a very large one to make garlic sweet potato wedges for dinner.

I love sweet potatoes, but they take a long time to cook. Now I can have them in minutes! Open a jar and bake a little until crispy, or heat and mash. Yum.



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