Thy Hand Hath Provided

As I was leaving work today, a friend gifted me six apples from her family’s orchard. Before I could get in the car, another work friend brought me a bag of clothes she had culled from her closet. They were all my style and in my size.

I left work and went out to the farm. For dinner, we had deer burgers, and cucumber pickle we had canned, broccoli leaves (which are like really good collards) and blueberry cobbler from some blueberries we had in the freezer for dessert.. So good, and so little bought from the store. I brought home eggs from the chickens, and a large box of peppers from our garden, still churning out produce here in October.

This weekend, we will be taking out one hundred ears of corn from the freezer to cut off the cob and can, and I have eight chickens in the freezer to defrost and can into shredded chicken and delicious, nutritious broth. Our greens and broccoli are growing, and they will need to be processed soon.

In a few weeks, I will have to check the black walnut tree and the pear tree for goodies. The walnuts to freeze, and then the pears to turn into pear chips, pear sauce, and pear butter.  One of my mother’s friends gave her a big bag of cherry tomatoes from her patio plants. Ours have long been harvested and regulated to jars, so I was thrilled to have some nice fresh little ones for snacks.

I came home and brought all my treasures in the house. The eggs and the tomatoes went into the fridge. I will make some homemade hummus this weekend to eat with the tomatoes. My dehydrator was full of some super hot peppers my brother wanted, just finished drying. I filled a quart jar for him, washed my trays, and sliced the apples for apple chips.

HOT peppers drying.

HOT peppers drying.

Another tray I filled with the red mini bell peppers I got today. I stuffed the pepperonchini peppers into a quart, added some pickle crisp, and loaded the jar with apple cider vinegar. I sliced all the jalapenos and made two quarts of bread and butter jalapeno peppers, which are so easy and good with nachos, on eggs, etc. I ended up with three full quarts of peppers canned, plus all the dried food, and what I will eat fresh.


As I worked today, part of an old hymn stuck in my head:

Great is thy faithfulness,

Great is thy faithfulness

Morning by morning new mercies I seek

All I hath needed thy hand hath provided

Great is they faithfulness

Lord, unto me.

I hadn’t heard it in a while, but it was so fitting. God gives us so many of the things we need, often when we aren’t even expecting it. And with a little hard work, there is so much food and nourishment all around us to fill our plates and pantries, to take care of our families. So little food has to be purchased from a grocery store; there is good, healthy food made every day from God’s earth. I am so grateful for all He has provided in our lives, and for the ability to appreciate it.

Happy homesteading!


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