The Year of the Little Horses

About a year ago, we went to the local fair, and saw the cutest little miniature horse fillies. They were four and five months old. After several family discussions, we decided to get them both. It changed my life, and brought me back to the horse world, something I loved so much as a child, but had forgotten as an adult. It brought me further into the world of homesteading and farming, and have brought so much love into my life. In April, I ran across a Craigslist ad for a horse. I had read tons of ads and while I liked the horses, none of them spoke to me. For some reason, I read this ad and decided this was MY horse, and so Tucker came into my lives. They are such a cute little happy family. He loves my two yearling mares, and our two big horses, though they are not kept in the same pasture, love hanging out near the littles. I love my minis, and all homesteads need some critters. ❤

wpid-wp-1412380459282.jpeg1896731_10102763994280163_5168906400470702236_n10626594_10102762228184433_5498032973806491439_n 10622928_10102762229012773_7932775243161849582_n


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