All’s Fair: The County Fair

I don’t know if it is just me, or just our area, or a nationwide thing, but it seems that the county fair is dwindling. That’s sad to me, because our county fair is very old, over a hundred years, and is one of the highlights of the year. I have always loved carrying animals and artwork to our fair, then going to see if we won any ribbons. Fair night was spent running into old friends and family, eating awesome (and so bad for you) food, petting cows and sheep, riding the rides.

We still have our local fair, but the exhibit halls get smaller and smaller every year. 😦 It is sad.

That being said, I made sure to enjoy the local fair this year. In fact, I enjoyed two! The benefits of living on the county line. This was my second year entering canned goods. The first year I didn’t do very well, and so I didn’t take as many jars this time. I wish I had taken more, because I did much better, and there seemed to be less competition!

If you can goods, you should definitely enter some in your local fair. It is a lot of fun, and costs nothing, and you may win some prize money. 🙂 Not only that, but you are participating in a wonderful tradition.


1st place: jalapeno rings

3rd place: lima beans (butter beans to me!)

Second fair:

2nd place: jalapeno rings, corn relish

3rd place: applesauce

10653676_10102859612580323_1521511679874060218_n 10351308_10102851232793483_5088068157635573636_n  a7100_10102859612725033_7655874893303802474_n


The losers, but they will still be delicious: carrots, green beans, green tomato relish, pepper relish.


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