Pepper Rings (OR Proof I’m no canning superhero)

Over the weekend, I went to the garden and got a nice bag of squash, green peppers, banana peppers, and jalapenos. I also got seven bags of frozen raw zucchini that is all going into the dehydrator, but that is another story for another day.

Most of the squash I blanched. I measured out three cups for each bag and froze them to use in a variety of recipes. There was one HUGE squash, so I sliced him thin and popped in on the dehydrator to try some squash chips. I also cut up the green peppers to make dried peppers (which are great in dips and pasta salad).

The peppers I decided to pickle and make pepper rings. We love the store bought ones in salads, on sandwiches, and even in soups. DH will eat pickled whole peppers by the jar, but today I decided to do rings.

It takes the boiling water canner forever to get hot, so first step, I filled it with warm water and clean jars and turned the heat up to high. Then, I made the brine:

3 cups white vinegar

1 cup water

2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

Then, I had that getting warm, along with my lids (do NOT boil the lids), and chopped up my peppers

Most of them I got the veins and seeds out. Some of them slipped in, though.


Here they are!

Now, it is probably a good idea to WEAR GLOVES when cutting up the jalapenos. They do not bother my skin. However, if I forget to wash my hands and rub my face, THEN I really feel it. Jalapeno juice in the eye is no joke.

Okay, so by this time the jars are nice and hot and so is the brine. I pack the peppers into the jars and use the funnels to pour the brine into the jars. I thought I packed the peppers in there pretty tightly.

Into the canner they went, on went the lid. It came to a full boil, and I get the jars process for 15 minutes before taking off the lid, waiting 5 minutes, and removing the jars.

20130702_122541This is how they came out 😦 I hate to see all that wasted jar space. When you raw pack (put raw veggies in the jar with hot brine) this happens because they cook in the jar and shrink some.

I have a good seal so these are very edible and shelf stable. What I can do to avoid this for the next time:

*Really cram in those raw pepper rings

* Let them simmer in the brine for just a few minutes so they are cooked and will sink to the bottom.

Once they sealed, I turned them upside down and let them sit that way for a little while, and they dispersed throughout the jar a little better.

Oh well, they will still taste good, and I learned a good lesson for my next round of peppers.


2 thoughts on “Pepper Rings (OR Proof I’m no canning superhero)

  1. I raw pack my peppers, too. I’ll fill the jar 1/2 up with brine and then swipe the sides inside the jar to get rid of air bubbles, moving them around so they fit better. Then I add more brine and do it again. You’ll be amazed how many more peppers you can add to a jar that you thought was full!

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