Give me your poor, your scratched, your cast-off jars…

If you are going to be a hardcore canner, eventually you’ll have some jars that are no longer useable for canning: a scratch, a nick, or a dent. Those small blemishes will cause the jar to shatter under the stress of canning.

Still, no need to throw the jar away. Here are just a few ideas.

*Use for canning dry goods. Anything you dehydrate can go in the mason jars.

*Keep your salads fresh and crisp longer. Lettuce goes in the jar, lid and ring go on the jar, and the jar goes into the fridge. If you like to take a salad to work, this is also a great way to do that. On Sunday evening, layer in your salad ingredients: croutons, cherry tomatoes, cukes, lettuce on top. Add the lids and the rings. In the morning each day, grab a jar and you have a salad on the go. Take your salad dressing with you. This has multiple benefits: using the jar, preparing a healthy lunch, and saving money.

*New drinking glasses! There is just something fun about drinking out of a mason jar. I have one on my nightstand as a water glass.

*They make awesome storage for your office supplies: pens, etc. Add a ribbon around the neck

*Use them to store cupcake wrappers

*Grow something! You can grow a sweet potato vine in a jar. Use a sweet potato that has started putting out eyes. Put some water in the jar, and put the sweet potato, eyes up, in the jar. It will grow a pretty vine. This is a great activity for kids, or you can use it to make sweet potato starts.

20130701_215350 (1)

*These are just a few ideas. Pinterest has a million ideas for jars, so you can check that out as well.


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