Perfect Pears


I didn’t need to buy any plants. My dad loves to garden, and ever since I took up canning, he has loved growing a bigger garden for my food preservation addiction. I dry or can the food, and give them back some of the goods. So, we have TONS of tomato plants. There are Roma tomatoes, and large tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes, and grape tomatoes, and orange tomatoes…you get the idea.

BUT I went to Lowes and they had this very large, established pear tomato plant for seven bucks and I was suckered in. It lives on my side porch, and it has really grown. It probably has twenty little  tomatoes on it, and according to The Google, it is a very prolific little plant.

But they were taking forever to turn yellow! Finally, I went out this morning, and two of them were ready! How cute are they?




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