The Great Onion Crop of 2013

Okay, it probably wasn’t THAT many onions. But the smell of them permeated every area of my life for a week, so they SEEMED to be so many, many more.

Dad has several garden spots. One of them is near the horses, and he uses composted horse manure to fill the spot. Gross? A little, but WOW it really grows awesome veggies and flowers. So, we did an early spring crop of green onions, pulled them up, and put down new tomato slips.

They were beautiful green onions. Mom kept half, and I took half. I froze some of them, but I decided the best thing to do would be to dehydrate them and make onion powder. Dehydrating is, as I’ve mentioned before, so easy. It also reduces a large amount of produce into a very small amount of powder, so it is a good way to handle a bumper crop. Dried food also lasts a long time.


The problem with dehydrating is that it does take a while. I could only dry so much at a time. While the new onions were waiting their turn in my fridge…my whole fridge smelled like onions. And while the onions in the dehydrator were withering nicely…my whole kitchen smelled like onions. And the trunk of my car smelled like onions for a week after bringing them home. Oh well, all in the name of food preservation and homesteading.

So, I froze four bags. All I had to do was chop them (into little coins), put them in the bag, made sure there was no air, and popped them into the freezer.

For the dehydrator, all I had to do was chop them, again into little coins, and place them on the trays. It took a while to dry each tray full (like, overnight). After the onions were dry, I put the in the food processor to make a fine powder. I filled two quart jars and one pint jar. One quart jar got an O2 absorber, one went in my spice cabinet, and the pint jar went to my Mom. (See? I’m not a freeloader! I give back).

I got a little tired of drying, so I decided to pickle and can the white bottoms of the green onions. Here is the recipe I used.

So, when it was all said and d0ne, this is what I harvested and preserved from the onions:


After I was finished, I dehydrated some cilantro, and then the house smelled FABULOUS! I have really enjoyed having the green onion powder. I use it in lots of dishes, but it is very good on oven-baked potatoes.

As a side note, every time I use the dehydrator, I think of Chip, Chandler’s crazy roommate from Friends.


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