Mint to Be: Drying Mint


I started my homesteading adventures by learning how to can. However, I am now discovering the very exciting new world of dehydrating. Dehydrating is beyond easy. All you have to do is cut or chop, place on the trays, and turn the sucker on. It runs until your food is crunchy, and then you turn it off and put it in a jar! If you are drying for long-term storage, add an 02 absorber (or those Hot Hands things you can get at the checkout aisles) to suck out all of the air and create a vacuum.

We have a weird family. My whole family, but especially my dad, is very into my homesteading endeavors. He remembered finding some mint somewhere while cutting grass a year ago. These are the things my father remembers. Some people remember sport scores and home runs, my father remembers where to forage for mint. But I digress… I was visiting my parents for dinner, Dad disappeared for an hour, and came back with a bag full of mint leaves.

Okay, Dad.

So now I have mint to dry. It smells amazing. All I had to do was strip the mint leaves, place on the trays, and wait. It took about five hours for the leaves to be dry and crackly. Herbs and spices take the least amount of time to dry.

You can put your dry leaves in the food processor, but I just crumbled mine into the jar. A Walmart bag full of mint leaves fill two pints.

What will I do with it? I’m envisioning some very delicious mint chocolate cakes.


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