That Mexican Cheesy Chicken Thing

The title of this post is the name my husband’s friend gave to the dinner I made last night. It was delicious, and super easy to make, and required ingredients from my canning closet, so I thought I’d share.

I believe the original recipe came from Pinterest, but I changed it some:

A quart of canned shredded chicken (about two lbs)
A quart of homemade salsa
Three cans of various beans (kidney, black)
A can of corn
A quart of chicken stock
Half a small package of shredded cheese
A block of cream cheese
Pinch of cilantro (dried from our garden!)
Pinch of dried green onion (also from the garden!)

Cook in the crockpot until the cream cheese is all melty. I think I had it on low for three hours and then switched it to warm.

Once you have your pantry built up, this recipe is as simple as open, dump, stir!


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